Sound Laboratories Custom Guitar Pickups

The DeathBucker LB

The Washington Ave Tele Lead

Broken Pickup? Not Working?  Low Output? Buzzing?  Send your pickup to us and we will make it sound awesome!

Rock and Roll Supplies of Bushwick,Brooklyn proudly stocks Sound Laboratories pickups.  Go there now and check them out! 

Tech GeEk:

Answers to many questions and​information about:

How to Solder

Using a Meter

The differences between machine and hand wound pickups.



Page Under Construction. All Pictured Pickups are Available.

Sound Laboratories Split P 

Handmade Scatter-Wound Pickups

58' Vintage Humbucker Set

Sound Laboratories Single Magic Strat

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There are some awesome pickups designed here! 

Choose from our selection or tell us what you'd like in a pickup.  All you have to do is dream it.

Hum buckers, Single Coils Toaster Pickups and P90's Vintage and Modern Designs, Rewinds and Repairs.

For prices please contact us via email our web site is being built right now

The Super 7114 Lead

The Sound Laboratories Toaster

Sound Laboratories Magic Strat Set 

The Vintage 58' Humbucker Set

Death Rails 

​Sound Laboratories is a Proud Supporter of the DIY Community.

​Stay tuned for exciting projects or tell us about your's

The Warmer PAF RZ


The Washington Ave  Tele Neck