"The Warm PAF RZ in the neck position handles a bluesy overdrive exceptionally well (Ron Zabrocki)"

The Warmer PAF RZ is a beautifully crafted neck position pickup.  It's engineered to the standards of the PAF with some added warmth It's been called, "well balanced and beautiful." 


Gold Plated $25.00

Nickel $15.00

The Warmer PAF RZ was the idea of famed guitarist Ron Zabrocki.  Ron and I were chatting about guitar pickups.  I asked him, "if I could design a pickup specifically for you what would you like what would it sound like?"  He said. "you know I would love a pickup like they made at the early point in the PAF life cycle.  When they made them great!  They don't make them like that.  I had an old Les Paul that had this crazy sound that no other Humbucker comes close.  The only thing I would ask for is a little extra warmth."  

So I went to work.  It wasn't easy.  Trying to please an artist with two simple adjectives was like being dropped if in an unfamiliar city without a map.   I looked up all kinds of formulas, talked with Ron a little more about who inspired and inspires him.  I'll tell ya I was nervous even though all my testing was successful. What I came up with was the Warmer PAF RZ.  Guess what the RZ stands for?   

I use nothing but the best American made copper wire and supplies.   

Ron put the demo video together and featured it on his blog.  Check out the sounds he gets from it.  Totally amazing!

Note: Pickups and pickup covers come in come in 3 sizes for various pole spacing.

Fender or F Style Pole Spacing is 53mm.

Gibson (generally lead position pickups) is 50mm.

‚ÄčGibson (generally vintage models and lead position pickups) is 49mm.

Measure center to center of your pickups 2 outside pole pieces to get the proper spacing measurements. 

Chrome $20.00 

Note: $5.00 Shipping in mainland United States only.  

Covers are all USA made and made with Nickel Silver unlike most economy covers.

American Made Pickup Covers Are Available in Chrome, Nickel, or Gold Plating  

The Warmer PAF RZ

Bobbin color choices black, white and cream or any combo no additional charge.  Pickup covers listed below.