Comes in Black only and Black and Cream colors

The Super 7114 was a design request from a high school buddy.  The brilliant thing about about social media is the immediate re-magnetization of old friends particularly friends who shared great moments preparing for the high school talent contest.

My friend was thrilled to hear that I was making guitar pickups.  We discussed his guitar heroes and from there I went to work on his very own personal pickup.  "Dude!  You nailed it!" was what the email read after he installed the Supper 7114.

I loaded 7114 into my HSS Strat and followed it up with two of my signature Magic Strat single coil pickups.  I also added a .047 orange drop capacitor and upgraded the tone and volume pots to 500k's.  

What I got were 5 amazing and distinctively different sounds out of what was a pretty cool Strat.  Now all my friends want to play my Strat when they come over to jam.


"The Super 7114 sounds amazing alone but when you set up a guitar with 2 Sound Laboratories hand wound single coil Magic Strat pickups and a 5 way switch magic happens!"

It's true!  When I first designed this pickup my intension was to use it alone, kind of like how Eddie did it.  One afternoon I sold one lead single coil pickup to neighborhood friend and I was stuck with one reverse wound middle pickup and single neck pickup.  I pulled out the stock (disconnected) pickups, added 500k pots and a .047Ohm Orange Drop capacitor.  HOLY COW!!! 

In the first position (lead) it's clear, upfront, bright and when I struck the strings with a little more energy I hard a wonderful distortion.  It was just mind blowing.

I wired the second position to have the the middle Magic Strat pickup out of phase with the Super 7114.  I was thrown back to a perfect 70's funk <<SQUAWNK>>. Thin with funky purity.

The middle position reaped a sweet, clear, Bluesy sound.  It was almost like striking a piano key.  And again when I added a little more energy the magical distortion fills the air.  

The third position was also wired out of phase and produced a thicker funk <<SQUAWNK>> that is wonderful for those moments of repeated riffs to make a subtle change in tone.

And finally the fifth and probably my most favorite position with the pickup selector activates the neck pickup.  I thought of greats like Stevie and Knopfler.

I jam a lot with friends throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan and I play in a couple bands.  This gives me great opportunity to test my pickups out and seek opinions.  When you buy a Sound Laboratories pickup you know that each one is handmade (scatter-wound), tested and made with love and experience.    

The Super 7114 Lead Pickup is wound with so much wire you may have to make pick guard opening lager.  

Cut Through the Mix with this Pickup! Works Great for Rock, Funk and Metal

The Super 7114

Note: $5.00 Shipping in the mainland United States only.  

Enjoy the video demonstration.