The Magic Strat pickup is pure magic.  Just put it in your guitar and you'll see or... rather hear why it's called the "Magic Strat" pickup.  Known for it's clear, bell like silky tone.  Its warm and sweet. 

​Magic Strat pickups come standard wound to 1950's specifications with staggered .187 Alnico V pole magnets, 42 AWG Plain Enamel copper wire, vintage black and white stranded cloth covered wire, stainless steel mounting screws and springs (pickup covers are not included).  

Of course you can have each pickup custom designed to your specification. There's no limit!  Well the only limit would be if it doesn't fit on the bobbin or if the materials are no longer available.  You can have staggered pickup poles or all one height.  You have a choice of Alnico II, III and V magnets and you can choose to have .185 or .195 pole piece widths. 42 and 43 Plain Enamel and or Full Formvar copper wire.  You could even opt out of having your middle pickup reverse wound.  Its up to and your imagination. 

Magic Strat 65' Vintage Set.  Middle Pickup is reverse wound. $250.00

The Magic Strat

The Magic Strat pickup set is remarkable! At least thats what's the latest talk on the town is. Based on 1950's specs.  The pickup set includes 3 single coil Strat style pickups.  50's style pole stagger Low E .671 / A .671 / D .710 / G .710 / B .630 / High E .650 and Alnico 5 magnets.  You can buy them individually or as a complete set.

Single Pickup $85.00

Specify position.

Pickup covers sold separately.  Specify color desire.  Hand wound in Brooklyn with the finest materials.