Sound Laboratories is a small Brooklyn based electronics company specializing in custom guitar pickup designs and repair.  Sound Laboratories parent entity Sounds Right Sound is a recording company specializing in Rock, Blues, Punk and Heavy Metal and offers local musicians budget friendly services.  Being budget friendly the owner Damian needed quality equipment at affordable prices.  He began to make and modify his own microphones, guitars, pre amps and more from DIY and Maker sites that cloned a lot of the big boys on the block like Neve, Neumann and API.  

Being that New York City has many independent "apartment guitar luthiers,"  all wonderful but mostly weak in the electronics area Damian decided to build quality pickups from his apartment for the local "apartment guitar luthiers."  It was a smash hit!  What was soon discovered was hand winding aka scatter winding pickups resulted in amazing sounds.  Each pickup with its own wonderful fingerprint.  Even designed to exact specification of another pickup the sound of it has it's own yet similar signature sound.  

The philosophy behind hand wound pickups harken back to the early days of guitar making.  Each part was manufactured by a person.  Which is why folks love vintage guitars and vintage reissues.  

Someone asked me, "what separates your pickups from the big boys?"  I responded, "when my wife bakes cookies from scratch its be honest there is no bad cookies out there.  I love them all.  From the gourmet fancy ones all the way down to the mass produced cookies.  But when Kate bakes them from scratch life is grand."  Thats how I describe my pickups.

I have several models listed that are inspired from musician friends of mine and I urge you to ask me what I can do for you.

Keep in mind some orders may take up to 2 weeks to complete.  Be patient it will be worth it.