58' Vintage Neck Pickups $225.00

Oh man a lot of research went into making this set of pickups.  The folklore behind the design of 1958 Humbucker is that Gibson company randomly chose Alnico 2, 3, 4 and 5 magnets, had varying resistance readings on their meters between 7k and 10k Ohm, winding amounts were based on "filling the bobbin," they only used Black and Cream bobbins and to heck with the harmonics! Rumor has it they didn't even wax pot these turkeys back in the day.  

How much of it is true?  That's why it's called folklore.  I just know that we received a request for 1958 PAF.  The specifics were "I want the amp to do the work and I want the same materials they used in 1958."  I think we pretty much got it. This baby's got 49.2mm Butyrate bobbins, long legged nickel silver frame, 22 AWG Shielded External Braid Cloth Covered Lead Wire,  American made 1018 Steel pole pieces, American made slugs and your choice of magnet (Alnico 2, 3, 4 or 5).  It's your decision if you'd like us to wax pot your pickup free of charge (let us know or we won't do it).

Let us know your desired bobbin color and magnet and if you'd like the Relic'd pickup cover for an addition $25.00 ea.

$225.00 each

$420.00 pair

$25.00 (Relic'd Case) each 

Optional Gorgeous Vintage Relic'd Pickup Cases $25.00 Each

How do you know if you need the Gibson Quick Release option?  Check inside the electronics panel on the rear of your instrument.  If you see a PCB board, no solder on the potentiometers and the guitar is fairly new you can bet you've got the Gibson Quick Lock Solderless set up.  

It's a good thing to some (I say some) and a great thing for someone who doesn't know how to solder well or doesn't find soldering therapeutic like us here at Sound Laboratories

58' Vintage Set with Covers $470.00

​Please Specify Bobbin Color, Magnet Type and or If You'd Like Gibson Quick Connect Connectors (2 or 4 pin).

58' Vintage Lead $225.00

The 58' vintage PAF is an exciting leap back in time to the wild wild days of hand-spun pickup making, a time when they "simply filled the bobbins up."

The 58' Vintage PAF Pickup

The 2 Pin Quick Connect Connector from 2010 LP Studio

58' Vintage Set Lead and Neck $420.00

The 58' Vintage Vintage PAF is available as a set or separately.  Please specific whether you you want lead or neck positions, bobbin color and magnet type.  The lead pickup is designed hotter than the neck pickup.